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NCERT book for class 12th


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F oREwoRD iii U NIT I 1-7

l.Human Ge0graphy
Nature and sc0pel U NIT II 8-30

2.The w0rld P0pulati0n
Distributi0n? Density and Gr0wth 8

3.P0pulati0n c0mp0siti0n l7

4. Human Devel0pment 22 U NIT III 31-90

5.Primary Activities 3l

6.sec0ndary Activities 45

7.Tertiary and Guaternary Activities 55

8.Transp0rt and c0mmunicati0n 65

9.Internati0nal Trade 8l

U NIT IV 91-102 lo.Human settlements 9o A PPENDIx I lo3 A PPENDIx II lo7 G LossARY llo


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